Alarm Monitoring

Since 1978, CMS has been providing high quality monitoring nationwide. Today, Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) is the largest wholesale alarm monitoring company in the United States, serving more than 3,500 alarm companies and their 800,000 customers. Our broad range of monitoring services includes response to security, fire, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), environmental and interactive services such as two-way voice and remote video.

Our three UL Listed, FM Approved monitoring centers, located in California, Florida and New Jersey, are networked together to provide true national redundancy and best-in-class disaster recovery. 

 Monitoring services are the heart and soul of the security business, so our resources, infrastructure, technology and know-how equate to a higher comfort level with added redundancy.

• Our highly trained staff provides your customers with fewer errors for greater peace of mind and enhanced safety.

• CMS has three monitoring centers located across the country and each center is UL Listed and backed up by two generators and uninterruptible power supplies.

• Our monitoring centers are connected. This allows us to load balance by redistributing operator resources during spikes in alarm activity.

• We use only the most sophisticated security monitoring technology to deliver dependable service. We partner with leading technology innovators such as AT&T®, Avaya®, UTC, Honeywell® and Verizon®.

• We are now in a virtual server environment, using VMware, an expensive and advanced server that gives us incredible flexibility and control.

• Caterpillar generators provide backup power for all of our services and have a proven track record when it comes to performing under duress.

Security Monitoring

Our people are the best. We say that with a high degree of confidence because after thorough background checks, each new CMS employee receives intensive training and certification. Our staff provides speed, accuracy and dependability. Each employee receives continuous mentoring throughout their career to ensure they stay current with training and will deliver exceptional customer service.


• Signaling for burglary, fire, panic, hold-up, low battery and A/C power failure

• Two-way voice


• Supervised open/close

• Communicator tests

• Environmental monitoring: temperature, power, water and gas level alerts


Life Safety Fire Monitoring

We know that life safety is the basis for fire monitoring. We offer complete fire protection services for your customers.

Commercial Fire Monitoring offers dispatch upon receipt of a fire alarm signal and customizable notification on troubles, supervisories and missed timer tests. Signals are received on our dedicated UL receivers, meeting UL standards for alarm signal traffic management. We strictly follow NFPA 72 Guidelines for fire accounts ensuring best practices are followed. Specially trained UL certified operators and dealer support representatives handle UL Fire accounts and comply with the local AHJ. Call us to talk about UL Certificates.

Using UTC Mastermind, fire signals are assigned to operators with specific fire training to respond to commercial fire/NFPA fire signals. Only operators who have passed our training for UL Fire respond to UL Fire accounts. Fire signals hold the highest priority in our monitoring platform, Mastermind.