Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

Total LifeSafety Corporation offers both home alarm systems and commercial alarm systems. We will give a complete evaluation of the property and present you with a plan that will fit your needs and budget. We will locate all of the vulnerable entry points and explain the best way to secure them. Your protection and safety is our goal.

The central station monitors your alarm system 24 hours a day and is staffed with highly trained operators to assist in the dispatch of the local authorities if necessary. Our central station is UL listed, with dual back up generators and phone systems. They are located in 3 states to reroute calls in case of a storm, hurricane or other natural disaster.

Most new homes have an alarm system that was installed when the home was built. For older homes, we can install a wireless system that uses battery operated transmitters and needs very minimal wiring.

Alarm System Breakdown

  • The alarm system starts with the control panel with a backup battery power supply, and a telephone interface. The panel can be expanded to add multiple zones.
  • Keypads are used to arm and disarm systems, as well as check the system status.
  • Sirens are used to alert you and your neighbors of a breach in the system.
  • Motion detectors are used to cover interior rooms and hallways. Pet immune motion detectors can be used when dogs or cats are present.
  • Doors and windows have contacts on the frames that will trip when it is opened.
  • Other detections devices that scan for smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, glass breakage, and sound can be integrated into the alarm system.
  • Panic buttons and wireless key fobs are also very popular and convenient devices.
  • We have a mobile app that provides you with the capability to easily monitor your security system from anywhere.