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It’s the call every business owner and homeowner dreads. The one from the police telling you your business or residence has been burglarized.

Lost inventory. Lost personal property. Hassles with insurance. Repair costs.

Catch it all with professional CCTV installation.

Monitor your property from every angle 24/7 after our CCTV installers measure room size, evaluate light conditions, chart entrances and exits and match the right equipment for your custom CCTV installation.
Other property and business owners may live in fear, but here’s why Total LifeSafety customers have complete peace of mind:

  • Our strategic placement of your cameras captures every corner of your property and every point of entry so your monitoring view is perfect.
  • Our CCTV designers consider every condition, from fluorescent lighting to high-traffic areas, to deliver best-quality video surveillance.
  • Our systems are custom-built to ensure all the components work together, providing the quality, reliability and performance to guarantee the safety of your property.

CCTV installation is much more than just mounting a few cameras. We review everything from what video storage solutions have the features and capabilities you need, to specifying the best way for you to monitor your video – mobile phone or desktop computer or both – we offer complete professional CCTV installation services to assure your safety and security.

Our CCTV Installation team is trained to make minimal disruptions to your existing work environment. Our CCTV installers are experienced in every environment from sensitive medical facilities to large volume warehouses.